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More often than not, our wealth management clients come to us when they have outgrown traditional financial planning resources or they are not satisfied with the level of service provided from a current wealth manager. We are experienced at handling the varied needs that come with wealth management and look forward to hearing how we can help.

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Fact Finding

We will begin our first meeting by understanding where you are coming from and how you want to improve your wealth management experience—whether it is working better with your team of attorneys and accountants, or improved overall portfolio diversification—we are here to help.

We will gather all contact information for the relatives involved in the process, as well as any other members of your financial planning team and reach out to these individuals. A unified team working on your behalf has the best chance of success—and we are committed to making this happen.


We will conduct a thorough analysis of your complete financial health and will:

  • Assist you in defining your short and long-term goals;
  • Use a capital needs analysis to determine your immediate, intermediate and long-term cash needs—and determine if additional insurance is needed for your beneficiaries
  • Assess your overall risk tolerance
  • Examine your current asset allocation within all investment holdings and check for portfolio diversification gaps
  • Consult with your accountant on ways to improve your investment tax exposure
  • Conduct a policy assessment on any insurance you may already own to analyze coverage and identify gaps
  • Canvas the providers and carriers to determine which investments and insurance may be the best fit to accomplish your financial plan given your time line, risk tolerance, future income needs, and overall fee structure impact

Once we have completed your personalized strategy, we will meet again with your team and review in detail how each program and investment may achieve our prioritized goals in your active financial plan. We will take as much time as is needed in this step, and we will move forward when all parties are in agreement on every part of the strategy.

Once in agreement, our office will generate the necessary paperwork and we will meet again to walk you through the signatures required to complete the applications.

Annual Review

Once the strategy has been set in motion, we’ll help monitor your progress to make sure you stay on track. At your preference, we will establish a time table for regular meetings, but strongly suggest a minimum of at least one in person meeting a year. During this time, we will:

  • Review activity and any life changes since the last meeting
  • Discuss any concerns or questions
  • Review goals and any change in goals
  • Discuss financial analysis and asset allocation
  • Perform investment and insurance review
  • Review risk exposure
  • Determine next steps
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    Place achievable financial goals.

    Take wealth management one step at a time. When you plan to buy your
    favorite car, you need to save for sometime before you can indulge
    in your desire. The same is applicable for proper wealth management.

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