Agent resources

  • LIMRA Website
    A worldwide association of insurance and financial services companies, established to help its members improve their marketing and distribution effectiveness. More

  • Limra_AMLcourse

    LIMRA Anti Money Laundering Course Login
    Leverage this course to fulfill the carriers training requirements under the USA Patriot Act with LIMRA’s industry-wide program. More

  • AIGretirestronger

    AIG: Retire Stronger Producer Resource Website
    Change the way you think about and use life insurance – safeguard your clients’ families and businesses and enjoy more financial control during uncertain economic times. More

  • PrincipalBOES

    Principal: Business, Owner & Executive Solutions
    The Business, Owner & Executive Solutions (BOES) platform is a complete package of tailored solutions to give you and your business clients and their key employees an edge, addressing the six primary areas of financial need. More

  • LInsuranceNeedsCalc

    Life Insurance Needs Calculator
    When purchasing life insurance, the question really isn’t how much you need, but how much capital is needed. Leverage this great tool to help estimate expenses in case of an untimely passing. More

  • LifeHappens

    Life Happens Website
    Life Happens, formerly the LIFE Foundation, is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping consumers make smart insurance decisions to safeguard their futures. Share this with clients and prospects as site to check out to pave the way for discussing life insurance. More

  • MetLifeVoiceonLife

    MetLife: The Voice on Life
    Leverage these white papers, sales solutions, and self starters as guides to helping readers understand and increase knowledge of the life insurance industry. Each document helps make a sound decision, solves a problem, or provides new ways of thinking about product positioning. More

  • Pru_ChallengeLab

    Prudential: The Challenge Lab
    Explore Prudentials Challenge Lab, a site designed to break down America’s biggest financial challenges, one step at a time. Explore the site and challenges about the human behaviors that are getting in the way of planning for successful financial futures. More

  • GenworthIndexInstitute
    Get the basics down on long-term care with this helpful website. It covers the basics around what it is, who needs it, how much it will cost, how to decide, and much more. More

  • CTpartnershipLTC

    Connecticut Partnership Program
    The State of Connecticut has joined forces with private insurance companies to provide CT residents with unbiased information about the need for LTC, the ability to find and purchase quality LTC insurance, and a way to get needed care without depleting assets. More

  • CDA_Home

    Council for Disability Awareness
    The Council for Disability Awareness is focused on educating working Americans about their disability risks and the need to protect their paychecks. (CDA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping wage earners, so they can keep the paychecks coming even if an illness or injury forces them to stop working. More

  • PDQ

    Personal Disability Quotient (PDQ)
    The likelihood of you becoming sick or injured and unable to work is higher than you probably imagined. The PDQ is an easy way to calculate your own personal odds and discover what’s really at stake. Then we’ll give you some tips on how you can prevent disability from devastating your savings. More

  • EIQ

    Earnable Income Quotient (EIQ)
    For most working Americans, the ability to earn an income is their most valuable financial resource.
    Anything that interferes with your most important financial resource can negatively affect everything you’ve planned for — and worked so hard for — over the years. Find out what your income is worth. More

  • LifeHappens_DisabilityIns

    Life Happens: Disability Awareness
    Check out the Life Happens resource. This covers the disability insurance topic and how your clients’ ability to earn a living is far and away their largest asset. Help them learn more on how to protect that valuable resource. More

  • DisabilityNeedsCalc

    Life Happens: Disability Income Calculator
    This simple tool estimates the income you would need to maintain your current standard of living should you become disabled and unable to work. More

  • PrincipalDisabilityIncomeProtection

    Principal: Disability Income Protection
    With disability income insurance from Principal Life Insurance Company, a member company of the Principal Financial Group®, you can protect your financial health from a loss of income due to illness or injury. More