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Finding the right person to trust with your hard earned savings is, for most people, similar to finding the right doctor. The majority of our clients found us as a result of their friends or trusted colleagues’ recommendations. Referrals are the ultimate compliment of our service and our greatest way to share what we do.

All members of our retirement team live in the community and prefer face-to-face meetings with you, your family, and other trusted members of your financial savings team. We have the flexibility to use the best-rated products and services in the industry, take the time to explain every investment option, and set up a regular meeting schedule to monitor progress and changes. We are your partner in planning for your financial well-being — and will be here for you, in person, all along the way.

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Fact Finding

Our first meeting is a very important one. This is when we begin to get to know each other and to catalog your list of “must have” and “want to have” financial goals. We will then go through and prioritize each. Next, we will assess your tolerance for risk, making sure to consider true life scenarios—like a market correction of 10%, to determine what asset mix may be most appropriate for your risk tolerance and time horizon.

Once we have captured all of this information, and are in agreement, we have a true, active financial plan to begin to take action on.

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    Top ten ways to prepare for retirement.

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    Finding the right resources.

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