Employer resources

  • Zywave Client Portal

    Zywave Client Portal
    Zywave puts HR and benefits compliance at your fingertips. Streamline your HR function and get back to doing what you need to be focusing on. Ask us for access to the password-protected version. More

  • HealthReformWebsite_Thmb

    Health Care Reform Website
    Enacted in 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) remains a work in progress. As it evolves, so does its impact on today’s employers, their workers and the benefits industry. Learn more about this complex law here. More

  • EmBen_BuyersStudy_Thmb

    Employee Benefits Buyer Study
    When it comes to benefits, U.S. employers have always had tough choices to make. Take a look at this Benefits Buyers Study done by Unum on new perspectives for employers on balancing employer costs and employee protection. More

  • EmRegulatoryResources_Thmb

    Employer Regulatory Resources
    Staying compliant with human resources laws and regulations is critical to running a successful business. Unum has organized these resources to keep you on track, with handbooks, information and presentations. More

  • IntermittentLeaves_Thmb

    Best Practices for Administering Intermittent Leaves in the Workplace
    Help ensure you’re properly accommodating employees while complying with FMLA regulations. The Standard offers up some best practices for managing intermittent leave in your workplace. More

  • WorkPlacePoss_Thmb

    Workplace Possibilities Website
    The Standard’s Workplace Possibilities website helps employers rethink their environments and provides helpful tips and resources on how they are changing the way companies manage absence and disability in the workplace. More

  • WorkPlaceBen_Thmb

    Workplace Benefits Studies
    Significant shifts are happening in workplace benefits. As a result, employers, employees and brokers will need to reframe their approach and rethink their responsibilities. This study provides new perspectives and insights to keep you ahead of the change. More

  • Guardian_Insights_Thmb

    Research & Insights From Guardian
    View research that can help you keep pace with benefits trends and innovations. Discover how emerging strategies can help your company meet benefits needs while controlling benefits costs. More

  • Guadian_Absence_Thmb

    Absence Management
    Check out these absence management resources from Guardian on how to help you boost productivity and cut costs by preventing disability occurrences, managing employee health, speeding return to work and managing FMLA, state and company leaves of absence. More