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RH&A Delivers for the Avon Food Pantry

Furthering our 25 Donations for 25 Years Program, for the month of August, Robert Hensley and Associates put together a food drive to support the Avon Food pantry. We gathered many of our neighboring businesses and hosted a picnic filled with hot dogs, pasta salad, snacks and even Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream for those who donated items. What a perfect day it was to collect items for the Avon Food Pantry. The sun was shining there was a light breeze and even a sense of devotion in the air.

The goal set was to collect 25 bags and we surpassed that by collecting well over 50! Jim and Hope Martino from Avon Food Pantry were very pleased with the donations. The summertime isn’t really a big donation season even though the needs last throughout the entire year. Having the Food Drive this month definitely helped replenish the stock for all of those in need. The Avon Food Pantry is located in St. Anns Church at 289 Arch Road, 860-409-4346. It is open on Tuesday mornings and items such as non-perishable foods, laundry detergent, paper goods and grocery store gift cards in $20 increments are always welcome.

“The event was great and a huge success! We were so pleased with the generosity from our neighboring businesses. We all got to donate to a great cause and it was so nice to learn a little bit more about a lot of great local companies located in the same complex. The weather was perfect and we all got to enjoy a picnic lunch and some delicious Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! Everyone enjoyed it so much that I think this might be a tradition we try to repeat annually.”

Katie Kehoe – Manger, Employee Benefits Sales and Marketing

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