Our Approach

Local, in-person support. Independent flexibility to “shop”
for the most competitive plan and pricing.

As a locally-owned and independently managed planning business, we have the freedom to find you the most competitive plan and pricing for your business. We are committed to making sure your plan best fits the needs of your business and employees and will be there for you to make changes when regulations and markets dictate a need. In working with your employees, each and every participant has the opportunity to have one-on-one education which allows us to tailor information for their unique stage of life, risk tolerance, and investment understanding.

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Fact Finding

We’ve never met a business that is like another. We want to learn about your business, employee dynamic, and the current challenges you face in sponsoring your retirement benefits today. We would like to get a good understanding of how the benefits are perceived by employees and what barriers there may be to participation. And lastly, what the headaches are that you face in administering the plan.

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    Make sure to plan for your retirement needs.

    How do you ensure that employees appreciate and use their retirement plan? Schedule regularly meetings for retirement education and emphasize how the plan is linked to
    your company culture.

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Your Retirement planning team


RH&A is proud to work with some of the best plan providers in the industry. We will work with you to evaluate all the options that fit your objectives and present them to you. Once you select a plan, we’ll help you evaluate the investment options available so you can make the choices most appropriate for your business and your employees.

Plan Providers